ATHEISM – No God at All

Believe they know there is no God.

Many atheists believe the universe is eternal. Others think it began from nothing and without cause – a random accident. The universe is all there is. It is self-sustaining, not needing the aid of a super-natural being.

So-called evidence for God is wishful thinking, a projection of our need.

A man is a mortal being, made only of physical molecules – just a body with no soul or spirit. Universal laws imply a Lawgiver, so no such laws are allowed. In the absence of God, ethical values are of our own making, and relative to the situation.

Most atheists point to evil as a proof of God’s non-existence.

A human being’s duration covers only the years of this life. When I die, I am no more – not in heaven, or hell, or anywhere.

Several major hurdles:
1) it cannot be confirmed. No one can prove the non-existence of something that does not exist
2) the atheist illogically lives by some set of values
3) it does not adequately explain evil. The atheist recognises evil, but cannot identify its source or address the problem other than point to ourselves. He’s caught by the fact that evil assumes a standard of non-evil by which to classify evil as it is. But without a final standard of good (God), atheism removes its basis for admitting evil

An atheist reveals his inconsistency by holding to many of the values of theism but with no basis for doing so.

Psalm 53:1 says “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.'”

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