DEISM – God Turned Away

Belief in a Creator who abandoned His world.

Deism accepts theism’s view that God created the world. But in deism’s view, He turned His back, unconcerned and uninvolved, no longer engaged with the world he made. God set the cosmos to run by natural law and let it be. No miracles occur because he won’t interfere.

The universe is a closed system of uniform cause and effect. We have no connection to our Maker.

Some deists believe in a generic moral code, grounded in the law of nature.

Most believe history is linear and purposeful but not very important because God remains outside it. Most think mankind lives on after death but their views of the afterlife vary.

Others conclude that judgement implies divine intervention into our world, which they don’t allow, thus no judgement comes.

The Christian God is “not far from each of us” (Acts 17:27). He is eager to help in our time of need. We proclaim our belief in a living God who cares for us.

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