EXISTENTIALISM – Just Choose and Act

Removing God from the realm of reality left us to create and escape catastrophes of our own making. Corporately and individually we now ask “Who are we?” in the midst of this mess, and we find no answer.

Existentialism is an applied philosophy of atheism more than its own worldview.

It stresses human freedom, the absurdity of life, and our responsibility to define ourselves through choice and action. We thus create our own reality.

We can validate our existence and minimise despair only by making choices.

According to existentialism, God does not exist. The material universe is all there is. We create our own hope and love by the exercise of our will.

Since there’s no transcendent Lawgiver, ethics are related to mankind alone. Whatever I choose is what is good.

At death we cease to exist, but we should courageously face this inescapable end.

It provides no basis for choosing one action over another. If value is created by one’s choice, how can I think my choice is better than Charles Manson’s?

For the existentialist it really makes no difference if one imitates Hitler or Mother Teresa as long as it is one’s authentic choice.

Myles note: The issue for this worldview is that people do know (by some higher Lawmaker?) that Mother Teresa’s choices are better than Hitler’s. And life does have meaning above what we choose for ourselves!


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