HUMANISM – We’re Number 1

Honors mankind as God and praises ourselves above all else. A form of atheism that elevates us and our achievements to the supreme position in the universe.

Everything else exists for us. The most noble life is pursuing our own interests, accomplishments and happiness.

As Renaissance thinkers explored classical literature and philosophy, they shifted the emphasis to humanity and our ability to reason apart from divine revelation. We thus looked within ourselves rather than to God to discover truth and to solve life’s problems.

Almost all humanists deny God’s reality, certainly His role as Creator. As committed naturalists, they believe the universe is self-existing and self-sustaining. Mankind has emerged from an evolutionary process.

Since human nature is flexible and neither good nor bad, we can shape it to our liking. Individuals and society are moldable, waiting to be transformed to produce society’s common good.

Since no God or other absolute exists, no divine consent is available or needed for ethics or morality. All standards and values are subject to change depending on circumstances.

Individuals don’t survive death, but our collective ingenuity in life can design and direct our corporate future. Well-educated human rationality rather than divine aid will lead us to our desired destiny.

Major questions are unanswered:
1) what elite group determines the common good for the rest of us?
2) How can some human traits be considered undesirable and deliberately evolved out of our current makeup if the only standard of good and bad is fluctuating social consciousness?

Decades of social engineering through education have not altered the fundamental nature of humanity. Indeed some see increased antisocial behaviour as a result of human-based education.

Humanists have replaced the infinite, personally God of the Bible with themselves.

His revelation through Christ and Scripture provides a trans-cultural foundation for the values humanists seek


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