Names of God

Elohim – God
Yahweh – The LORD
El Elyon – God most high
El Roi – God who sees
El Shaddai – God Almighty
Yahweh Yireh – The LORD will provide
Yahweh Nissi – The LORD is my banner
Adonai – Lord
Yahweh Elohe Yisrael – LORD God of Israel
Yahweh Shalom – The LORD is peace
Qedosh Yisrael – Holy One of Israel
Yahweh Sabaoth – LORD of hosts (Hosts refers to armies but also to all the heavenly powers)
El Olam – The everlasting God
Yahweh Tsidkenu – The LORD is Our Righteousness
Yahweh Shammah – The LORD is there
Attiq Yomin – Ancient of days

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