PANENTHEISM – All is in God

God is a cosmic spirit, inhabiting the universe like a soul in a body.

Panentheism means “all is in God”. The universe is included in Him, but he’s more than the universe.

As the world changes, God changes. He evolves with the universe. He’s described as having two aspects. One is His reality – what he actually is; the other is His potential – what he might become.

God did not create the universe, but works with it to develop it into what it and He could be. He doesn’t directly intervene in the world’s affairs, but coaxes it along the path He desires.

Moral values are based in God’s essence, but since He’s always changing, morality also changes. History is a random process without beginning or end, and even God does not know the future. When you and I die, we won’t know conscious existence, but will be a mere memory in the mind of God.

1) How did the process start? A cosmic chicken and egg dilemma!
2) How do we know anything is changing without a constant by which to measure the change.

The God of Christian theism is perfect and thus unchanging, distinct from the world He created. Paul reminded the Athenian philosophers that “[God] is not served by human hands, as if he needed anything, because he himself gives all men life and breath and everything else” (Acts 17:25)

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