PLURALISM – They’re All the Same

A truly pluralistic society allows all views. At one level, it means multiple worldview and religious options from which to choose. But pluralism has evolved into its own worldview – the belief that all religions and worldviews are equally correct. Thus, any religious claim to exclusive truth is incorrect. But, in the process, pluralism itself claims to be the exclusive truth.

All religions are equally safe paths to God, nirvana, or whatever their form of final destiny. It says that no religion that claims to be the only way is true. But the pluralist himself is making an exclusive truth claim when he says all religions lead to God.

All values must be regarded as equal, thus none are binding. To be consistent, the pluralist must agree that the results of Nazism, Buddhism, Christianity, or even cannibalism, are equally worthwhile. It fails in part because it must condone the outcome of all worldviews, even the most barbaric, to be consistent with itself.

The irony of pluralism is its own intolerance. Any view that does not espouse pluralism is rejected or ridiculed.

A further irony is that pluralists really don’t view all other positions as equal. They don’t actually consider Hitler’s view on par with Mother Teresa’s.

Issues are:
1) The hypocrisy exposed by its own intolerance
2) The violation of logic. Two views that affirm and deny the same point in the same way at the time cannot both be true. For instance, Jesus and Muhummad cannot both be the only, final source of God’s truth
3) The destruction of any basis for morality. Taken to its logical conclusion, this leads to chaos and social destruction.

Pluralsim does not achieve what it says it wants – open dialogue on all positions. It stifles all views other than itself.


One thought on “PLURALISM – They’re All the Same

  1. I think the hypocrisy of intolerance is the worst thing about pluralism to me. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but pluralists will stifle views because they don’t fit into a pluralistic worldview.

    Of course, the lack of a basis for morality is extremely problematic. If everyone’s view is equally valid, then there is no basis for morality.

    Thanks for the article!


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