POLYTHEISM – Many Finite Gods

Believes in many finite, personal gods who rule distinct realms of the universe (Gods of ancient Greece and roman, and norse mythology).

The old testament teaches on unique God (Deut 6:4). So does the NT “there is but one God, the Father, from whom all things came and for whom we live” (1 Cor 8:6).

Nature, not the gods, is eternal, and the natural world gives birth to the gods.

As a direct consequence of no ultimate god, values and morality are relative. Evil may be viewed as intrinsic within nature, sometimes an outgrowth of the god’s initial conflict among themselves.

If the gods are not eternal and infinite, why worship them? Eternal nature, out of which the gods arose, would be more worthy of worship, as in pantheism. Nature is closer to being ultimate than its offspring. But science clearly points to a beginning for nature. So it cannot be ultimate.

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