POSTMODERNISM – The Anti-Worldview

A denial of enlightenment principles – an anti-worldview that rejects all worldviews.

It is a worldview that is still taking shape, but certain traits are detectable.

Postmodernism emphasises experience more than facts, desires symbols more than logic or science, and integrates reason with faith.

Postmodernism can be used to discount al interpretations of reality as biased products of various cultures, none more credible than another. The idea of universal truth is merely a means of oppression. So the accuracy of differing viewpoints is not important; “tolerance” is.

When reading a text, we don’t discover meaning but make our own as we guess what social factors were behind the writing. This new method of interpreting is called deconstructionism.

To be consistent, postmodernism must be seen as just another interpretation, no more viable than the others.

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