THEISM – One Infinite, Personal God

Believes that one infinite, personal God is the ultimate reality.

This God created the universe, disclosed Himself to mankind, and gets involved with this world and us, unprompted by any force outside himself.

Three major religions are theistic: Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Judaism and Islam are purely monotheistic – believing in only one Person of God.

Christianity believes in a tri-personal God – a Trinity – three centres of personal consciousness interacting in one monotheistic union.

God is infinite rather than limited, and personal rather than a mere cosmic force. He created the world from nothing.

God created mankind in his own image as a personal being with whom he could relate. God’s holy character is reflected in universal, absolute moral standards. Mankind was created good but with the freedom to choose for or against God’s holy will.

History is linear. Individual destiny results in reward or punishment based on one’s relationship to God. History and each human life are meaningful, possessing eternal significance.

Based on His character, theism provides three critical human functions: rational thought, personal relationships with God and people, and an ethical life.

A true Christian theist recognises the claim this worldview makes on its adherents – living each moment to the glory of the Triune God who is really there.


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