Matthew 7:7 – ask, seek, knock

seek and you shall find – the hope of all adventurers (and trekkies).

Matthew 7:7
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

seek and you shall find - the hope of all adventurers (and trekkies).


Can one make a rational decision to believe in God? (Guest Blogger)

Ok not a guest blogger – but someone did a summation that I like – why should I rationally believe in God. See here for the original.

So i thought I would copy the words below…

“Why I Believe”

I have been reading substantial amounts of material from various atheists and so-called freethinkers on the internet. It seems to me that they are getting more aggressive in asserting that anyone who believes in God is gullible, foolish and/or has a diseased mind. They equate the subject of our faith, Jesus, with mythological figures or with creations from their own imaginations. They claim that anyone who believes is not rational and, therefore, cannot be trusted to hold public office or educate our children. Indeed, they assert that the majority of their fellow citizens have been brainwashed and simply refuse to think logically.

Since I consider myself reasonable, rational and logical and since I claim that Jesus is the Christ, God’s Son and his only provision for a lost humanity, I have some explaining to do. Either I am guilty of delusion for buying into a grand fraud or I have found the truth that all men have to one degree or another sought. In all clearness of mind I reject the proposition that I am mistaken. I will try to explain why.

Let me make clear at the outset that I have no new demonstrable evidence for the existence of God. In fact, my statement does not rely on courtroom style evidence or esoteric philosophical arguments. Rather my thinking is straightforward in its approach.

Either there is a God or there isn’t. If one assumes that there is, the questions of where we came from and what was the origin of all that is around us are quite answerable: from God. If one assumes that there is not a God, the questions are an invitation to guess.

The guesses may take many forms but the adherents of the “no god” clique have more or less settled on a pre-existing solar system and an evolutionary approach to everything else. This is trumpeted as scientific theory and rules out any reliance on anything else. But true science depends on observation and repeatability. They can only model the origins question with a heavy reliance on presupposition. It requires faith in the model and all the guesswork involved in its creation.

Now, one must ask which makes more sense: that we have evolved to our present state in spite of the overwhelming odds against it or a supreme intelligence created us and our world. I maintain that the former requires more faith than the latter. If it is the mark of a madman to have an irrational faith in the unobservable and the unrepeatable, then our atheist friends are certainly no saner than us. In fact, the Bible says that men are without excuse when it comes to recognizing God’s existence based on what we are able to experience through our senses. (my note: I need to find he scripture for this). To think otherwise we must close our minds to what our senses declare.

Such is the plight of the self-appointed freethinker. He has freed himself from his senses in an effort to discover the truth. Such a tactic is self-defeating. One cannot hope to understand the great questions of life by refusing to use the means of apprehension of the facts. The real freethinker employs all his senses to inform his thinking. He does not make the mistake of supposed freethinkers which is to place their theories in the hands of a pseudo-god: time. Given enough time (even billions of years) we are told all those things which make no sense in the immediate become natural. This is definitely counter-intuitive but it is required to make sense of life for one who denies the existence of God. How much more honest it is to acknowledge him as reality.

The reality is named Jesus. He alone is our bridge to God. The Bible is our source of information about him. This explains the stridency on the part of some atheists. If they acknowledge the existence of God, then they are in the undeniable position of having to live with the consequences of disobedience. Since no one wants to admit to failure to come to terms with his Creator denying the existence of such a person is the most expeditious route to understanding life.

It is common for some to say that we are all atheists; that they just believe in one less god than the rest of us. Such sophistry is to no avail. One day Jesus will judge each of us. Woody Allen referred to himself not as an atheist but as part of the loyal opposition. Atheists claim many important and famous people in their ranks. Such claims are designed to persuade us that their group is the one on the right side of history. But when history ends God remains. We should all desire to be in that group called Christians. Our atheist friends may still reconsider and join us.

Job 26:7

why early christian’s (and I mean before Jesus – so the Jews) should not have believed in the ‘flat earth theory’

Job 26:7
He spreads out the northern skies over empty space;
he suspends the earth over nothing

i always suspected the earth was too funky to be an accident its gotta be a god thing!

I always suspected the earth was too funky to be an accident - it’s gotta be a God thing!

what does ‘grace’ mean?

To me it means ‘unmerited favour’. So God gives us unconditional love – despite all we do to him and each other.

God’s grace responds to hopeless situations. It responded to mine, and it will to yours.

The well known parable of the Prodigal Son, Luke 15:11 is traditionally understood by most Christians as containing the teachings of Jesus on grace. A son demands the family fortune and wastes it, then returns home expecting little in the way of good treatment. The father welcomes him handsomely and unconditionally, over the objections of his other son who stayed at home and served dutifully. The son did nothing to deserve his fathers love, but received it anyway.

Wikipedia says: “In Christianity, divine grace refers to the sovereign favour of God for humankind — especially in regard to salvation — irrespective of actions (“deeds”), earned worth, or proven goodness.” Bit of a mouthful…and not to be memorised.

Side Note: on wikipedia there’s a bit of a discussion on what grace is. Summary: lots of different views – and if christians cant agree on what it is – how are we to explain it to non-christians??

grace is in god’s hands

google timeline and map for jesus (geek post)

can i be geeky again for a minute please.

google have released a couple of new search things: timeline and maps.

see here how google builds a timeline based on search results for jesus.

see here how google builds a google map based on search results for jesus.

searching for jesus online (geek post)

With some recent announcements about ‘universal search’ I have done some easy links for people who want to search for jesus online.

Google Searchmash



tip 1: if you really want to search for jesus…just talk to him.
tip 2: if you talk to him and you are on a bus – do it in your head ’cause people might think you are crazy