Should christians fight in wars?

I found this interesting quote:

Whether or not one believes that the exercise of violence is everlegitimate, … the presence of violence in any culture does not precludethe possibility of legitimate Christian witness…. The vocation of chaplains is integral to the formation of witnessing communities in the military which legitimately use its particular language and culture to demonstrate and proclaim the shalom of God’s kingdom.”

Putting aside the bias with chaplains (I think we should all be witnesses) my question is should christians be involved in military armies where killing is kinda inevitable.

This is a tough one for me!

The bible certainly has some great warriors in it…who were stand up God followers who God loved.

Do we have a right to defend…but not be the unjust unfair aggressive attackers?

I will leave this one up to people’s individual thoughts with God but I will make two points:

  • where ever there is violence and war – Christians need to be there with the message of love, grace, self-sacrifice and hope
  • whether we are in the military or not – we need to always remember our first boss is God.

OK final point – being a christian if often about being a light in a dark world, being different to how other people think in a worldly manner – and Jesus said it would not be easy (OK – that’s several points).

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