Tip for pastors: How to pray for lay-people in ministry

DONT: Pray for people who would be great for your ministries.

DO: Pray for people who these ministries would be great for.

Explanation: I have seen people who are passionate (or worse – just dipping their toe) in ministries but they are not the best (say at singing, service leading etc) and so they get discarded by pastors. Yet – I know these ministries are great for these people to know and serve Jesus.

So many times people in the Bible expected great people, yet Jesus chose those who appeared less than ideal. He chose fisherman as disciples – and not learned theologians. Indeed, people expected Jesus himself to be a great warrior king – yet he was a simple carpenter.

The Lord selects people to do things because it’s of benefit to them. I love it when I see passionate people singing off-key, or hesitant-shy people standing up-front and leading the service. Amen!


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