i am not a christian – as you may see one

Tell someone you are a Christian and they may automatically assume you are a closed-minded bigot, conservative capitalist, probably pro-war, certainly anti-gay and surely anti-feminist.

They may also assume you condemn others for their moral failures, are intolerant of other faiths and are likely to be humourless and intellectually challenged.

That aint me.

3 thoughts on “i am not a christian – as you may see one

  1. Perhaps then you should describe what you do think Christianity is.

    Jesus was not “tolerant” of other religions, but said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me.” Paul said Jesus was the only name under heaven by which we MUST be saved. Neither men, of course, advocated violence or legislation to force the acceptance of the only way to eternal life.

    If we don’t recognize our sin, we cannot repent and acknowledge our need for Jesus to save us.

    I agree that Christians are not bigots though we are severe on immorality and crime. (Hopefully a Christian would be compassionate, seeing the person who committed the sin as desperately in need of Jesus’ grace.) Then again I think most people would agree on our severity against murder, which is an immoral choice.

    Not all Christians (even those with a Christian/biblical worldview which teaches private property, wages for working, complementary though not identical roles of men and women) are intellectually challenged.

    If you’re going to be a Christian apologist, represent the biblical Christianity, not just your own watered-down version.

    “I won’t bend, and I won’t break; and I won’t water down my faith: I must be a light for future generations.”
    To God be all glory,
    Lisa of Longbourn


  2. hey Lisa – thanks for your comment.

    I am not trying to represent Christ or Christianity – just me. And I dont think I am watered down. But dont worry – no offence taken 🙂

    I agree with all you said…cause I dont think you said anything against me.

    I hazard a guess that you are not pro-war, that you don’t condemn other people for their failures (lets just love them and leave the judging to God), that you believe God has a purpose for a woman’s life, and that you believe that people should be storing up their rewards in heaven and sharing what they have here on earth.

    I was really just making a point that as Christians we are all different, and that I, like a lot of christians, aren’t what today’s typical media and culture paint us as. Thank God for that!

    Hope you get your blog up and running soon!


  3. Sorry! My blog is up, but I had the URL wrong in my profile. Fixed now.

    And I am not a war-monger, but I believe that global weapons technology and global terrorism requires that we meet threats where they reside. I do believe that Iraq abedded terrorists and possessed weapons of mass destruction – such have been found. I believe the world is better for the US’ action there in the past few years, and I also believe that we must finish our work there before even discussing a withdrawal.

    As for loving sinners instead of judging them, I’m pretty silent on directly judging individuals, but am a work in progress on the loving side.
    To God be all glory,
    Lisa of Longbourn


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