man in a hole – what jesus would do

note: i dont normally like to disrespect other religions…and this is not my aim with this video.


How Gen Y reads the Bible

07.05am – wake up. grab smart phone. read daily sms text of bible verse while on toilet.
08.11am – on train. open google reader on smart phone, read rss feeds from favourite christian bloggers which includes scripture.
09.02am – at work. open email. read daily verse email.
09.10am – logon to facebook. read wall comments from cousin overseas with verse
09.12am – read daily verse app on facebook
12.16pm – eating quick thai curry for lunch. read daily devotional from Spurgeon on smart phone using pocket e-sword
2.09pm – at desk. pastors rss feed shows update in igoogle with witty comment and bible verse
3.54pm – get gtalk message from friend with youtube link for video on how God is my Hero
4.12pm – post a thought on my blog. someone must subscribe to its rss feed as by…
4.13pm – …i get a comment on it quoting scripture
5.47pm – on train home. looking at updated rss feeds on google reader from favourite christian bloggers
5.59pm – on train. post a verse based post on my church youth group wordpress blog via mobile
6.05pm – on train. still. get an email on smart phone showing someone has commented on my youth group wordpress blog post. i see it is the senior pastor and his comment – which includes a bible verse
6.06pm – get sms from senior pastor saying he left a comment on my post. i already knew this of course. he quotes the same scripture in the sms
7.27pm – on toilet. open pocket e-sword on smart phone for quick scripture reading during this quiet time
8.34pm – in lounge. on computer. play to test my bible skills!!

my notes:
– there’s a lot of little snippets – not one long hour long marathon session
– theres a lot more interactivity with others
– a LOT is done via mobile.

Demons defined – and dealt with!

Demons defined in the bible have the following attributes:
– supernatural, personal, spirit beings
– have will and intelligence
– possess superhuman strength and knowledge
– can appear to tell the future
– God created them as good angels
– fell by joining Satan’s rebellion
– Satan called “prince of demons”
– possibly 1/3 of angles became demons
– possibly a rank structure amongst demons
– execute Satan’s game plan (attack, tempt and accuse God’s people) by:
– cause mental and physical illness
– hinder spiritual progress
– know God’s truth, but twist it for their purposes
– promote false religion
– demons will becomes more active during end times

But DONT WORRY as demons have alerady been dealt with:
– God has already won
– God has provided us with the tools

My notes:
– i am not a big fan of focusing on the whole satan, demons, end times stuff – cause i think some people focus on this stuff too much – and forget that we should be loving each other!
– it is not my gift – though i do recognise that it is a gift for some people (though i suspect not as many people than who actually focus on it)
– i thank God that he has given me the tools and that he has the power to deal with it. so i can get on with loving people.

God names himself so we can know him better!

El or Elohim
– generic word for ‘God’
– over 2,500 times in the Old Testament (OT)
– means strength, power or greatness
– Elohim is plural and indicates intensity and hints at trinity

El Shaddai
– ‘El’ often combined with another word to describe God in more detail
– El Shadai means ‘all powerful, self-sufficent’ ruler

El Elyon
– means ‘the God most High’

El Olam
– speaks of God’s timeliness, often connected with hope and security.

– occurs in the OT 6,800 times
– proper name for OT Israel’s God. Not used for pagan gods
– verb “to be” (debated by scholars)

Jahweh Sabbaoth
– often translated “the Lord Almighty”

– greek word for ‘God’
– in New Testament about 1,000 times

– Jahweh often translated meaning “Lord”