how big is God’s work?

Let’s take the biggest star we know of – Canis Majoris – and compare it to earth. Remember – this is JUST one star and ONLY the biggest one we know of.

– It is 7 quadrillion times larger than earth – a quadrillion is 1000 million million.
– If we replaced our sun with Canis Majoris the surface of the star would reach Saturns orbit (Saturn being a planet further out from the Sun than earth – past Jupiter)
– Light takes more than 8 hours to travel around the star’s circumference – it only takes 8 minutes for our sun’s light to reach Earth.

Assuming a speed of 3 miles per hour for 8 hours a day – how big is it:
– it would take 2 years 11 months to walk around the earth
– it would take 310 years 7 months on the Sun
– it would take 665,000 years to walk around Canis Majoris

Remember – this is only 1 star.

Here’s a video on how big it (and God is).

God’s sense of humour?

Laminin is a base protein that holds us together. From Wikipedia: “the structural scaffolding of basement membranes in almost every animal tissue”.

The Jesus in-joke is what it looks like – click here.

the age of the earth according to the bible

Some christians are quite literal in how old they say the earth is according to the bible.  I have got to admit I am on the side of the “the earth has been around for billions of years” crowd.

Anyways – if you take it literally from the bible here is the timeline:
Beginning with the archeological landmark event of the fall of Jerusalem (which has now been corrected to 588 B.C., instead of 586-587 B.C.) and counting backwards the prophesied number of years between this event and the division of Solomon’s kingdom (390 yrs. + 40 yrs., according to Ezekiel 4:4-7), brings us to 1018 B.C.

From the end of Solomon’s 40-year reign to the start of the Temple in the 4th year of his reign takes us back another 37 years to 1055 B.C.

From the start of Solomon’s Temple “in the 480th year” (1 Kings 6:1) back to the Exodus from Egypt (hence 479 years previous) brings us to near 1534 B.C.

From the Exodus out of Egypt to Abraham’s entering Canaan from Haran was exactly 430 years to the day (Gen 12:10/ Exodus 12:40/ Gal 3:17), thus around 1964 B.C.

Since Abraham entered Canaan at age 75 (Gen 12:4), he was born approximately 2039 B.C.

From Abraham’s birth to Noah’s grandson (Shem’s son), Arpachshad’s birth, 2 years after the Flood started, was 290 years (Gen 11:11-26), this places the onset of the Flood at around 2331 B.C. [definitely 4,300-4,400 years ago].

The genealogy of Genesis 5:3-32 precludes any gaps due to its tight chronological structure and gives us 1,656 years between Creation and the Flood, thus bringing Creation Week back to near 3987 B.C. or approximately 4000 B.C.

Therefore, the biblical age of the Earth (using Scripture itself as a guide) is 6,000 years !! (note: assume you are reading this blog around the year 2000, give or take a decade). Mankind did not evolve 4 million years ago on an Earth which is 4.5 billion years old in a universe which was “big-banged” into existence 18-20 billion years in the distant past.

Jesus Christ said He made mankind male and female in the beginning (Mark 10:6), and that when the heavens and the earth were commanded into being (Gen 1:1), they “stood up together” (Isa 48:13) not billions of years apart !!

Notes to self:

  • have i taken something out of context?
  • is this where the bible is ‘literal’ and a day is actually billions of years?
  • did God include this in the bible for interests sake…but really he wants us to not spend too much time on this bit…and spend more time on loving him and loving others!

edit:  I wrote this post just to note it down.  Like I do for most of my posts.  It’s just stated.  As I said originally, I belong in “the earth has been around for billions of years” crowd.

God likes giving intellectual types hints!

The story below shows to me that while God likes to give hints, he does not want to give us a brick between the eyes kind of hint. His true love is based on faith.

Old Testament figure named on 2600-year-old tablet

THE British Museum hailed a discovery within a clay tablet
in its collection as a breakthrough for biblical archeology – proof of
the accuracy of the Old Testament.

The cuneiform inscription in a tablet dating from 595BC has been
deciphered for the first time – revealing a reference to an official at
the court of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, that proves the
historical existence of a figure mentioned in the Book of Jeremiah.

It is rare evidence in a non-biblical source of a real person, other than kings, featured in the Bible.

The tablet names a Babylonian officer called Nebo-Sarsekim who,
according to Jeremiah 39 was present in 587BC when Nebuchadnezzar
marched against Jerusalem with his whole army and laid siege to it“.

The cuneiform inscription records how Nebo-Sarsekim lavished a gift
of gold on the Temple of Esangila in the fabled city of Babylon, where,
at least in folk tradition, Nebuchadnezzar is credited with building
the Hanging Gardens, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Finkel, assistant keeper in the Department of the Middle East (British Museum), said: “A
mundane commercial transaction takes its place as a primary witness to
one of the turning points in Old Testament history. This is a tablet that deserves to be famous

Michael Jursa, associate professor at the University of Vienna said “Finding something like this tablet, where we see a person mentioned
in the Bible making an everyday payment to the temple in Babylon and
quoting the exact date, is quite extraordinary

Some notes:

  • The british museum has over 100,000 inscribed tablets – the world’s largest collection
  • Cuneiform is the oldest known form of writing
  • During its 3000-year
    history, it was used to write about 15 languages, including Babylonian,
    Assyrian, Hittite and Urartian
  • There are only a small number of scholars worldwide who can read cuneiform script
  • The tablet was so well preserved that it took Dr Jursa just a couple of minutes
    to decipher
  • It is 5.5cm wide
  • It was unearthed from the ancient city of Sippar, about 2km from Baghdad

On hearing of the discovery yesterday, Geza Vermes, the eminent
emeritus professor of Jewish studies at the University of Oxford, said
such a discovery revealed that “the Biblical story is not altogether

And here is a picture of the tablet.

the tablet confirming an old testament non-king ordinary persons existence