God on Skid Row

More God on Skid Row than anywhere else.

Lots of other great Skid Row videos here.


i’m a science loving jesus freak

“To judge faith by vulgar caricatures of religious faith that would make a first year theology student wince is like judging science by eugenics, nuclear warheads and chemical pollutants.”

Tell people about LOVE

Stop using media—whether it be digital or stick-on—to try to convict people of sin. Start using media to tell people about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Start using media to tell people—regardless of their spotless or despicable sexual history—how much God loves them and desires a relationship with them.”

Yahoo BOSS framework on Google Apps – what does it tell me

Some yahoo engineer wrote a search engine using the Yahoo BOSS framework and hosted in Google Apps to make a point. It takes your search query and from the top 50 search results formulates an answer. A sample question they provide is “Who invented the light buld” and the answer you get back is “thoma eddison”.

I decided to see if it could answer some of my more deeper questions. The answer were interesting, insightful, humorous and thought provoking.


Which lead to me to Christ…so I asked…

is christ real

Which lead me back to Jesus. Kinda confirming to me that nothing gets between them. Jesus Christ validates himself!
So I asked if Satan was real (I gotta cover all angles):


And the answer hit me with a jolt. One to reflect on.
I pressed on. I had to validate my logic. So I asked if jesus was fake?

is-jesus fake

Ha ha. Fake Jesus = Christians. Guilty! I try to be like Jesus but I ain’t him.
A lot of people agree jesus was real and existed – byt what about God? I asked.

is-god real

Deep. God is real fro Christians? Or we are God’s hands and feet and this is how he becomes real to people. As I said – deep.
A couple more questions to round off my theological inquisitiveness: who wins

who wins

Phew – as I suspected, hoped and have read…Lord Chirst wins!
And in an answer which would make Rick Warren happy:

what is my life purpose

Once again – more validation.
Finally – the geek in more wanted to do a NULL query – so dont fill in anything in the search form. Usually this queries that whole database and comes back with all results. Try it sometime on a search form. So I left the field empty and hit search. What was the rolled up answer to everything indexed on the internet????

the ultimate answer

It said no question supplied….but still gave me an answer. Yahoo!

Thanks Jesus for being the ultimate answer!!!!

Demons defined – and dealt with!

Demons defined in the bible have the following attributes:
– supernatural, personal, spirit beings
– have will and intelligence
– possess superhuman strength and knowledge
– can appear to tell the future
– God created them as good angels
– fell by joining Satan’s rebellion
– Satan called “prince of demons”
– possibly 1/3 of angles became demons
– possibly a rank structure amongst demons
– execute Satan’s game plan (attack, tempt and accuse God’s people) by:
– cause mental and physical illness
– hinder spiritual progress
– know God’s truth, but twist it for their purposes
– promote false religion
– demons will becomes more active during end times

But DONT WORRY as demons have alerady been dealt with:
– God has already won
– God has provided us with the tools

My notes:
– i am not a big fan of focusing on the whole satan, demons, end times stuff – cause i think some people focus on this stuff too much – and forget that we should be loving each other!
– it is not my gift – though i do recognise that it is a gift for some people (though i suspect not as many people than who actually focus on it)
– i thank God that he has given me the tools and that he has the power to deal with it. so i can get on with loving people.