the bible in 50 words

God made, Adam bit, Noah arked, Abraham split, Joseph
ruled, Jacob fooled, bush talked, Moses balked, Pharaoh plagued, people walked, sea divided, tablets guided, promise landed, Saul freaked, David peeked, prophets warned, Jesus born, God walked, love talked, anger
crucified, hope died, Love rose, Spirit flamed, Word spread, God remained.


God on Skid Row

More God on Skid Row than anywhere else.

Lots of other great Skid Row videos here.

i’m a science loving jesus freak

“To judge faith by vulgar caricatures of religious faith that would make a first year theology student wince is like judging science by eugenics, nuclear warheads and chemical pollutants.”

apparently Einstein did get it

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.

— Albert Einstein