12 disciples – how they died

Simon Peter crucified upside down
Andrew crucified. Peter’s brother.
James beheaded
John exiled, died of old age (brother of James)
Matthew speared to death
Bartholomew beaten then crucified. (aka Nathanael)
Philip crucified
Thomas speared to death
Simon crucified, the zealot
James stoned to death
Thaddaeus stoned to death. (aka Judas son of James)
Judas Iscariot suicide by hanging

--> Matthias replaced Judas (Acts 1:26)


5 thoughts on “12 disciples – how they died

  1. Just acknowledging the Men of God who shared the Gospel and did what had to be done for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Its time to pick up the mantle and preach preach preach the word no matter the consequence. For God I live For God I Die . I got to carry my own CROSS soberly with a vigilant mindset!!!


  2. The gospel had to be preached boldly no matter what challenges we face.The desciples did their part now it is left with us..


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